Marketing in a whole new way!

Advertisers have been seeking a new way to connect with the consumer. Kango's president, Michelle Messina patented a ready to eat food container with an additional pocket(s)/container(s) affixed anywhere on the bag/container. The pocket can hold: marketing material, product samples, wet-naps, toothpicks and any other side you can dream up! Promoting/sampling items right in the consumers' hands at a "feel good moment" is a bonus for advertisers. Michelle Messina, Media Copywriter, by trade understands that most conventional advertising result in low rate of return. Considering about 3000 ads surround a consumer in a day, it is important to advertise in a whole new way. A whole new way that is patented for exclusive national exposure. Kango Inc currently seeks partnered companies to use this product to promote thier products such as: samples, coupons, or special offers for monthly routation in select regions. Advertise locally, regionally, provincially or nationally.

Hot Opportunity Kango Inc. is accepting offers for sponsors for the Covid19 Hygeine lauch in phase 3 of the Corona Virus epademic in Ontario.

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Food, free goodies and good hygiene is a way to keep people happy.

Here is an exclusive opportunity for your company to market and advertise nationwide across Canada.

"Work your way into my heart through my stomach!," a beautiful and subtle way to advertise.

Clean your hands before and after you eat, simple truths.

Cleanliness is close to Godliness.

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Consumers feed off good food and take away goodies!

Sales marketing has never been this simple. Consumers want more for their buck, and what better way than, providing convenience. While your consumer gets what they want, you have advertised, branded and pave a way to future sales...a win/win situation! Lets make fast food and eating-out something you and the consumer can feel good about. Bring back hygiene, side accessories and condiments to your consumers' fingertips for an experience beyond the ordinary. Exclusive opportunities are now available. Be that one step ahead of your competitor. Try it and see the results. A moment of contentment makes the advertising experience memorable. Here is an exclusive opportunity to be the first to lock in a deal that will win the heart of your consumer as we reopen to world back into consuming in public space.

Good things come in a paper bag!

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Consumers, what would you like to see in the pocket? click here: consumers want

Sean Pentington, Chartered Accountant says, "Finally, I get a toothpick with a whole lot of goodies to take home. Eating on the run made easy, about time!"

New: H1N1 provention lunch bag: holds two sanitary naps to clean hands at desk before and after eating for work and school! Presently, introduced to Dalton McGuinty and Deb Matthews.

"I would like to commend you on your innovative product." Tiffany Jay Co-Director Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

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"I want to own 100% I'll offer you $25,000 cash; there's more, I will give you 10% royalties up to $800,000 a year" ....... Kevin O'Leary

As tough and generous Kevin O'Leary was to Michelle Messina, she declined his offer withtout a firm guarantee he can manufacture the invention and bring it to market for the benefit of the consumer.

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May 18, 2011


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Best way to prevent germs is to wash hands,

wetnaps provided by Kango Inc is a very good start

to promoting good hygiene.