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I work in the media industry and know how images, let alone words, can be twisted especially through editing to create a specific mood and direction. My interview lasted over thirty minutes in real time on The Dragon's Den at CBC. Which was edited down to eight minutes.

The day that this episode was recorded I was contacted and told that I only have twenty minutes to get to the studio. I accepted, even though I live thirty minutes away. Personally, I really did not think that I would have been able to dress, grab a bag, buy popcorn and drive to the studio in less than twenty minutes. Therefore, I was already under unreasonable stres. I think this was part of the show's strategy.

Where this deal seemed to go side ways was when Jennifer rudely interrupted Lawrence mid way in a conversation and said, "You said something that bothered me because you said that your partner signed a deal but you didn't agree to the deal..."

I don't jump to conclusions by saying Jennifer, the one that leads cattle to slaughter for a living! So why should she judge the past that was out of my control and now is back in my control offering the Dragon's a solid business venture. The whole issue about this previous deal was that my partner did not tell me about it. I was in a perfect relationship with what seemed to be the perfect guy. He concealed this deal from me and I became suspicious during our trip to California. So, it is not as Kevin O'Leary described it picturing that my X came home and said honey we are rich! My comments about trust and integrity were cut out.

At CBC I signed an agreement to be honest and transparent on the show, and that is what I did. I openely admited I had a partner and that the prior contract was made null and void because I am the president and the inventor. Therefore, the relationship with him died then and there and it took me a long time to get the 49% rights back from him which I gave to him to help my business not sell his shares in it for $1. His reasoing was he wanted to prove he wasn't about the money. He never earned he shares I offered so it's easy to give them up that easily too, which really didn't prove the wasn't about money it just proved that he was not honest.

One of the main reasons for appearing on The Dragon's Den was to find an investor or partner that can replace my previous one. As a businesswoman, it is much more honourable to fire and hire the right people than to just accept any offer. Hense, I turned down the offer at CBC's The Dragon's Den.

Let's face it, this show is not called The Pussy Cat's Den, it is The Dragon's Den! I know what I wanted when going into the den and that was $250,000 for 10%. Kevin offered me $25,000 for 100% plus 10% royalty on every bag sold after expenses. What the audience did not see is how I tried to negotiate a deal with him. First question I asked when he offered a deal was his name, which he refused to disclose. That was a red flag, my contract with CBC did not outline the Dragon's were investors. And since this was season one, I did not know the outcome. I also asked if he could guarantee not to resell my patent, which he did not confirm. I surely would not want him to sell my business and not have the opportunity of the royalties. I am shocked O'Leary would assume I would agree to a big deal without knowing his name. Which really was not fair because after Season 1 everyone knew who the Dragon's were so not sure why it was a secret to me!

Since the patent cost more than Kevin's upfront offer, therefore I would rather work with someone who believes in my product and respects enough to answer a few reasonable questions.

Jennifer, bullied one of the men on the show by saying they should have respect for her; though, truly she did not show one ounce of respect towards my pitch. How she ended the dealings was by interrupting again by saying, "It's amazing you think you can go into business and have a deal and renege on a deal."

I never signed the deal; I never approved the deal and the man I loved had no authority to make a deal on my behalf. That should hit a nerve with anyone who has ever been betrayed. I am not manipulated by the dollar; it comes and goes. The show did not capture the essence of what happened, nor did they add the insults to try to provoke me. I have never heard it to be good business practice for a partner to make a deal without the president knowing, especially when his percentage is lower than the President. Deep down I now know that my partner probably was trying to do the right thing, he just waited to long to tell me. And with whom he made the contract with, I can guarantee there were no bad feelings! No one cared, everyone went on with his or her life and business continued as usual. The matter was handled professionally and no bridge was burned, love was just lost. I just hope to meet good people who I can trust and enjoy what life we have to the fullest in a respectful manner.

Cheers! See you at the movies!

Michelle Messina, President of Kango Inc.

The edited version seen on TV did not capture the essence of what really took place.

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May 18, 2011