Everything now has a pocket!

For years we have stuffed all our consumer goods all in one bag. President of Kango Inc., Michelle Messina, has patented a ready to eat food container with an affixed pocket(s) /container(s)/bag(s). The attachment could be added anywhere on the bag or container for the ultimate food experience. Consumers can look forward to have such items as: hygeine wet-naps, toothpicks, condiments, all types of side sauces, promotional items, scratch and win, and much more!

If you own a fast food franchise, you know the headache of washroom disasters and the public dread using them especially waiting in line ups just to wash your hands. For many the washroom is too far, therefore avoidng hygeine to wash up. During Covid19, that just can not be a reason any longer. It's time to control the cross contamination of germs, and finger foods are an easy way to contract a virus by not washing prior to eating and spreading silva and food on hands by not washing after all through the environment on: chairs, condiment dispensers, door handles etc. It's time to lead and provide the Health and Safety the public need.

This product includes everything you want the consumer to use while seated. A state of harmony can be achieved even in the fastest paced environment. It really is a win-win situation.

Drive-through customers will surely appreciate you offering a wet-nap and sides at their fingertips without them pulling the napkins causing unneeded waste, expense, and mess.

Theatre-goers will benefit by holding their popcorn bag with all its amenities and drink with ease. Saving time in a line-up for the bathroom to wash up means getting a better seat. Feeling relaxed and open to the experience you intend to offer. Win back customers who are watching movies at home on their theatre system, by offering a more comfortable experience in a commercial theatre.


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Sides, Sides, Sides and more Sides. Consumers want more from take-out and everything else they can get their hands on.

Hygiene convenience is a bonus to most customers; Add promotional material all the better! This product allows advertisers to reach consumers during a time of pleasure, resulting in more positive feedback and increased sales. Selective samples and advertising will recoup the cost of the added pocket. Let your imagination go wild because this pocket will be well worth reaching into. Contact Kango Inc. today to find out how your container can evolve into the new age with a patented product that has exclusive rights if you act today.

Keep in mind this invention is not limited to; a paper bag, popcorn bag, or grocery bag. It is any food container, pizza box, French fry container, or bag that has a pocket to hold everything you need (or can imagine) to make your ready to eat food experience more enjoyable.

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Sean Pentington, Chartered Accountant says, "Finally, I get a toothpick with a whole lot of goodies to take home. Eating on the run made easy, about time!"


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