Kango Inc. a leader in innovative products is currently managing two divisions:

Distribution of unique products in Ontario

Inventor and maker of innovative products National:

Libre Tea Glasses, Kango Bag with pocket, Kango Naturals - Beauty Products & Fragrant innovations

Kango Inc. Founder Michelle Messina invented the Popcorn bag with pocket for Hygeine and Convenience.

Invention not limited to popcorn, she is the 1st in the word to invent a food container with an auxilary

contact: Kango@rogers.com for custom bag orders, lunch bags, and popcorn bags.

We do assembly of products too.

We can utilize your existing bag, and apply pocket to meet invention.


NOW BAGGING: More than Popcorn



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September 17, 2015 Kango's World Premiere in theatres, so to say. at Varsity VIP Cineplex Odeon Theatres! With servers! Yes servers!

Pocket Pictures captured the event

Kango Inc World Premiere at Cineplex Odeon the Pouch on Popcorn bag

TIFF audiences had the Special privilege of having a Popcorn bag or Carmamel Corn Box with a Pocket

It holds: A wetnap, toothpick, and luxury linen like napkin! It was a hit and so was

Inventor Michelle Messina with Kango Pocket on Popcorn Bag TIFF Cineplex VIP Theatres

The second surprise was Kiefer Sutherland showed up for a half an hour Q&A.

Inventor Michelle Messina was also introduced and presented Kiefer Sutherland with the Popcorn bag with pocket,

Michelle Messina was also the hired Videographer at Pocket Pictures

Kiefer said after being asked about technology, he elaborated that the theatre experience hasn't changed in 40 years and is behind on the times

...that was the cue for Ms. Messina to be introduced

Upon a formal introduction, she presented him with the popcorn bag with pocket, her patented invention she has tried to get into theatres for years!

He said "Very Cool, I take back about the theatre experience, this is an improvement!"

TIFF Kiefer Sutherland Michelle Messina Pocket Pictures

Kiefer Sutherland inventor Michelle Messina Presented with Patented Popcorn bag with pocketKiefer Sutherland Kango Inc Patented Popcorn Bag inventor: MIchelle Messina



Specialty Bags, Ready to eat food bags, Popcorn Bags and More...with a pocket of course!

Bring hygeine back into your life, the easy way. Simple rule: clean your hands before you eat!

Michelle Messina orginally invented:

Patented food container with pocket(s). Said container could be: a pizza box, popcorn bag, paper bag, lunch bag, grocery bag....unleash your imagination. Now, just think of all those extra things you can stuff in a pocket! Seasoning packs, toothpicks, wet naps, forks, chopsticks, napkins, condiments, coupons, prizes, samples, extra food, receipt, movie tickets, side orders....and much more! Exclusive rights! Book an appointment today.

Best Theatre Experience ever! Kiefer Sutherland loves Kango Pocket on Popcorn bag Inventor: Michelle Messina

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